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This is the Day of MILITANT Faith!

Today, and for the last couple of years, frustration seems to rule the day.

People are tired of waiting for righteousness to prevail in our world once again.

We are a nation divided; a world without unity.

And when we look to the church…the body of Christ…the story is not much better.

The remnant of God in this hour is clamoring for hope…faith…love…and harmony. It is sought after continually…praying to grasp a glimmer of a future we long for.

What are we doing wrong? We are praying. We are seeking truth. We are offering our talents and finances to those ministries who are helping us grow in our faith.

So why…why are we in a hole that just seems to go dimmer and bleaker day by day?

I want to dispel one thing right now and in the face of every religious spirit, every demon, and satan himself…


Anyone who puts this on you, run run run from them as fast as you can!

God has not left the throne…He’s not vacationing in Hawaii…He’s not the author of fear, death, or destruction. He is the I AM THAT I AM…and is deeply saturated in the affairs of men yesterday, today, and forever…because he does not change!

THIS mess is NOT because of YOU!

The foul, evil spirit satan wants to condemn the remnant of God and blame us for everything we are seeing happening before our eyes.

That is just not true.

Okay…now that, that is settled, let’s discuss what IS needed today.


In scripture, Paul drew comparisons to illustrate what it was like to live as a sold- out believer in Jesus Christ. He likened himself to a fighter and a soldier in the army of God.

“I have fought the good fight of faith…” (2 Timothy 4:7)

Paul wrote this to Timothy explaining that he has done all he can do in this life as a remnant Christian in conflict.

Paul compared himself to a runner after a prize… “I have finished the race…” (2 Timothy 4:7)

He’s conveying to Timothy that a life lived for Christ will have many obstacles in it and that he has survived and overcome the many hurdles he had to jump over.

Paul lastly said in 2 Timothy 4:7… “I have remained faithful.”

He has guarded the faith as a soldier of Christ.

Please understand…when Paul was writing to Timothy, he knew that they were facing potential beatings, imprisonment, hardship, rejection, and possibly death.

Isn’t that what being a soldier in an army is all about?

Look at the wars the United States has fought. I’ve lost friends and family members in the fight for freedom within the armed forces. My cousins and uncles were wounded both physically and emotionally.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is experienced by most of our combat forces and sadly it is still alive and well today…even amongst civilians.