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Our Journey

Meet Dennis & Delora

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Dennis and Delora are people. Just like you.

They are husband and wife.

They are parents.

They are grandparents.

They are friends to many.

They are confidants to even more.

And they serve the most high God.

They worked on the Pastoral staff of a New York church.

They worked with Prophet Kim Clement.

They've ministered to God's saints.

They've performed weddings and felt the joy.

They've performed funerals and felt the pain.

They've cried with those they love.

They've rejoiced with those they love.

For them, even with everything living in this fallen world can throw at you, it's been a good life all in all.

Now, with a prophetic word in their ears and the wind of the Holy Spirit pushing at their backs,

they've embarked on a new leg of their God-given journey.

Along with a team of sold-out believers in Jesus Christ, Dennis and Delora are traveling the United States

holding Gathering meetings. 

This "People's Gathering Movement" is the culmination of decades of preparation.

God is moving through The Gathering, and Dennis and Delora are elated that He took them along for the ride.

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