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THE GATHERING – Prophet Kim Clement Prophecy

After getting tons of emails of how God moved this past weekend at

THE GATHERING - Bunnell, Florida, I was asked to please share how The Gathering was birthed.

For those of you that know, this is old news. But for those that might not be aware, it is well worth reading about our friend, spiritual mentor, and Prophet, Kim Clement.

Dennis and I met Kim in 1997 where we were on the staff of a large church in New York. I saw him on Trinity Broadcasting Network and immediately felt a connection. I called our Sr. Pastor and he also got a witness. The next day we were on the phone planning when Kim would visit our local church.

Plans were made and I was beyond excited. It felt so right at that time to have him visit our church. It felt like destiny collided, and the person I had admired, and knew was a real Prophet, I was about to meet.

Kim and his team arrived and immediately he told us and one other Pastor that he doesn’t want to meet the rest of the staff. He made it clear that he doesn’t want anyone thinking that because he knows everyone, that’s why his words are so accurate. He was always concerned for God to get the Glory and Him and Him alone.

The first meeting in our church was electrifying. Kim was operating in the word of knowledge like I’d never seen before. Even though our church was a few thousand strong, I knew just about everyone because between Dennis and I, we ran the largest ministries in the church. So, we knew how accurate Kim was and it was shock and awe how God showed up and showed off through the Prophet that first night. And every single night after that, it was the same.

I was one of the people that hosted Kim when he came to minister. And it was truly a pleasure. We immediately connected because of our past experiences with psychics, the occult, classical piano and on and on. He felt at home, and we were thrilled hoping he would make frequent visits.

Kim had given my family many words, especially myself and our youngest daughter. Many of the words have yet to come to pass, but we know it’s only a matter of time. What did come to pass is the word Kim had given us at The Den meeting on March 2015.

I opened Kim’s Den meetings for him when he had an audience and worked with him on whatever he needed for those podcasts which were close to one million viewers worldwide.

On that day in March 2015, Kim called us out, told us to stand up and he began to give us a very long prophetic word. He told us that there are those who are trying to stop our calling…trying to steal our calling…trying to hold the door shut that God will open. He continued that religion is trying its hardest to keep the treasure that is behind that door from us so that we cannot fulfill the call God has given us to take religion down! It went on and on, but for today’s purpose, that’s the most important part. Maybe one day we will feel to share the entire word he gave us, but for now, this is a screengrab from the video.

After the meeting ended, we went back to Kim’s office to ask him about what he meant to get further clarity. He was on fire and still in his prophetic anointing. He said that there will be gatherings and we will hold gatherings…and some will be small and some will be large…and that at The Gathering, God would do the greater works. And as people “gather” we will deliver hope, faith, love, deliverance, and miracles. He must have said The Gathering 10 times.

Okay God. We got it! THE GATHERING!

So here we are today.

And it’s all coming to pass.

Over the weekend in Bunnell, there were many miracles, salvations, and healings. One such healing that was told to us by the woman’s Pastor, is that she could not see and now she has her sight back! The glasses she was wearing to help her see just a little bit, she had to take off, because her sight was so good. Praise the Name of the Lord!

Why am I sharing this with all of you?

To build your faith and to build your trust in Him who is our all in all.

Our next GATHERING is on Long Island, New York called MARCH FORTH INTO BATTLE and it’s on March 4th!. We are feeling the reverberations in the spirit already! If you are even a couple of states away, don’t miss this one! We are ready for battle, and we are coming for you New York!

Pray for us. There’s a lot trying to come against this move of God prophesied by Kim Clement.

Never forget: God wins. We win. Come and get your miracle!

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