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As you probably know, the people arrested on January 6, 2021, have been wrongly accused, and because of the “Patriot Act” held in DC without bail, right to an attorney, or right to trial.

They are being beaten and physically abused, and many are in solitary confinement. These are not criminals. They are Americans who went to a rally to protest a fraudulent election. Nearly 1,000 people have been charged and hundreds are still kept in prison.

We’ve recently learned that every night at 9:00 PM Eastern, to lift their spirits, the prisoners sing our National Anthem, and say the Lord’s Prayer together. This allows them to hear each other and gives them strength to live another day.

Apparently, after they sing, they get beaten for doing that by Nigerian guards that were hired as security. It is likely that American guards wouldn’t do that, so they hired foreigners.

It’s become so difficult, that many of them are pleading guilty to things they did not do, to get released from the “Gulag.”

We were so moved by what is unlawfully happening to our fellow Americans, that we are going to stand in solidarity with them, every night at 9:00 PM Eastern. We will have someone lead the National Anthem and then we will say The Lord’s Prayer. After that we will pray for the J6 prisoners as well as President Trump and his family.

This will begin on Monday, October 31st at 9:00 PM Eastern. We will continue this for a week or a month or a year…until they get freed or until the burden lifts from us.


You can join us every night at 9:00 PM on Rumble, and stand with us in solidarity with our fellow Americans.

Also, you can tape yourself singing, even on your phone, the National Anthem to be played on the livestream. Or you can tape a group of you, or coworkers, or a child…whatever you want. All we ask is if you work in a uniform, or have a uniform (maybe you’re a veteran) that you wear that. We would love to see a cross section of America do this, so people can see no matter who we are or what we do, we have not forgotten our brothers and sisters.

Please understand, if you sing beautifully, that’s wonderful, but we don’t care what you sound like. We just want average Americans singing our anthem from their hearts for those who are wrongfully being held in prison in DC.

Once you record the anthem, please email it to me at The file might be too large for email. If it is, use which is free. We will only use your first name and say your occupation. No last names will be used.

Please stand with us in solidarity with our brothers and sisters.

We look forward to your videos and we will see you all Monday, October 31st at 9:00 PM.

May God bless the prisoners, President Trump and family, and these United States of America.

In His Service,

Delora & Dennis

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