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GULLIVER is about to Stand Up!

The book, Gulliver’s Travels by author Jonathan Swift, recounts the story of Lemuel Gulliver who was an Englishman. When his business fails, he becomes a sea captain and travels to far off places.

The first voyage of Gulliver finds him in the middle of a storm. There is a shipwreck and Gulliver is the only survivor. He washes ashore on the nearest island called Lilliput. Here, Gulliver is huge and the Lilliputians are very small.

Although they seemed friendly initially, Gulliver soon gets convicted of treason, as well as other “crimes” in the capital. What is very ironic, is at the time of his arrest, Gulliver was putting out a major fire where he saved innumerable lives.

Sound familiar?

Donald J. Trump represents many figures to us.

Some say he is a modern day Biblical Cyrus, while others, including myself, see him more as a ‘David.’ There are many sides to this man Donald, but one thing we can be sure of; he was called by God and the military, and he said yes.

So what does Gulliver have to do with this?

Let’s review the book.

In chapter 1, Gulliver wakes up right next to the sea, and realizes that his arms and legs are fastened to the ground and he is unable to move. He does manage to partially free himself, but he remains tied up.

The Lilliputians climb up on Gulliver’s chest and begin to make demands.

But they are a divided people. They begin ridiculous debates and discuss their absurd customs and the court (Gulliver’s jury) is chosen by who is best at rope dancing.

They decide to make a deal; if Gulliver helps them defend Lilliput against their enemies, they will release him and he does just that. He captures an opposing fleet and prevents an invasion. He extinguishes a fire in the royal palace saving many.

But that doesn’t matter. They have a plan for Gulliver and soon sentence him for treason and order him to be blinded and starved. It didn’t matter what Gulliver did for the people of Lilliput, they wanted him dead. He was costing them too much money in food and because he was aware of their plans, they had to blind him so he couldn’t see who they really were any longer.

What has been will be again,what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

Here we are…nearly 300 years after Swift penned that novel, and he proves that scripture. There is truly nothing new under the sun.

So let’s review…

Gulliver, a monster in the eyes of the tiny Lilliputians, is pinned down to the ground by “strings” fastened by these little people.

Gulliver breaks some of the strings, and although he does that, he never tries to free himself again. Why?

Let’s fast forward to present day.

Trump is a type of Gulliver. He was a businessman; happy, wealthy, the world was his footstool. Yet he heeds the call of a country in desperation; to free it from the “strings” that are holding it captive.

The powers of darkness throw everything at him that they can. They tie him down and try to stop his power so that he doesn’t thwart their plan for humanity’s slavery any further. Yes, they limit what he can do and those strings bind him from completely overthrowing corruption.

Both Gulliver and Trump could have broken free and expose what they were doing to them. So why didn’t they?

Donald J. Trump, when he said yes to run for Presi