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David vs. Goliath on a Global Scale

We are in a war. And the climax of it is brewing. Sometimes it seems as if this will never be behind us. Will we ever be allowed to march forward toward complete freedom? But that is an erroneous thought that we must take captive. Always.

David was a young, shepherd boy when the Prophet Samuel arrived at his home and spoke to his father about the son who would be King. David was the least of his brothers, but he had the call of God upon his life. When God calls, He equips, only no one knew what would soon happen.

When the Philistines started a war against God’s people, Goliath the giant, was their weapon of choice. His size, strength, and omnipotent appearance created fear in the hearts of the Israel nation.

Young David, had trained himself with a slingshot and stones. In that day, it was used as a weapon to hunt game. And so, with the approval of King Saul who had no other takers to fight Goliath, David went forward to defend his nation.

Fast forward several thousand years, and here we are. Once again, collectively, we are David. We have numbers, but unity is shaky. We are not organized as “we the people” and everywhere we look there is corruption.

Even within our own ranks, if you look long enough and hard enough, you will find dissenters, or those who are only in it for money and fame. We must question everyone and use keen discernment whether to believe them or not.

Understanding this and standing with you all, I’ve made a list of what our evil enemy has on their side. And then what we have on ours.

They have:

· Past presidents and past/current world leaders

· Multi-billion dollar media industries

· Control of Big Technology

· The Pope

· Pharmaceutical companies

· Ownership of most social media companies

· Control over censorship

· Weather warfare and manipulation

· All intelligence agencies

· False flag actors

· Many terrorist groups

· Satellites

· Mega fundraising capabilities

· Spies

· F16s

· Nukes

· Trillions of dollars

We have:


· Trump

· Phones with cameras

· Personal social media accounts

We are in a “David and Goliath” moment on a Global scale!

God has taken an imperfect man who said “YES” to Him and molded him into a modern-day David. We stand behind him, armed with whatever means we have, to spread truth and God’s Word, as we wait for the next move.

Trump is reaching into his bag as we speak, and he has five smooth stones. The first one is about to be taken out, and it will be very prophetic.

Don’t look at the natural in the coming weeks and months. View events and situations from God’s ascended vision. We are just walking out our history. It’s already decided, and we won!

To God Be The Glory.

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