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Meet Dennis & Delora OBrien

Dennis and Delora are people. Just like you.

They are husband and wife.

They are parents.

They are grandparents.

They are friends to many.

They are confidants to even more.

And they serve the most high God.

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Our New Book:

Falling into Greatness is God’s strategy and plan for our lives to take every adverse situation and turn it for our good.


Take the journey with us, as we reveal how God orchestrates our mistakes into His greatness.

The Gathering...

The power of God in these meetings has destroyed regional principalities and manifested miracles, signs and wonders.

In this ignited atmosphere of His presence, the Glory of God is poured out, as believers praise and worship our Lord. 

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See What God is Doing at The Gathering...

Experience Worship at The Gathering!

Experience Worship at The Gathering!

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